Sunday, March 17, 2013

So it was about that time for the anual first ice off run down to otter creek with my buddy Steve.  A lot of the others we had been talking headed different directions we were going to be the guinea pigs for this place.  Having heard conflicting reports on the weather, how much open water was available, and fishing conditions we figured the only way to know for sure is to drive down and take a look.  We were sure glad that we did we timed it perfectly our favorite spot on the lake was just begining to uncover.  Just barely enought to put a float tube in the water and yet small enough that a tube wasn't needed.  Both aproaches worked out great.  Lots of chunky otter creek footballs to be had this year ranging from 15-21.5 inches in lenght.  It's not officially fishing season until you get jizzed on by a buck rainbow so I can say my season has officially began!  I will let the photo's do the talking. 

First fish of the season, gotta take a picture of that!

Just had to try that leach didn't ya!

First Jizz fish of the year.

Another chunky male makes it to the net

Such a variety of colors.

Big boy of the day.

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