Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Reunion 1/2 Day Adventures

Every year my wife has a family reunion usually up on the Uinta mountains but this year they opted to have it at a spot closer to a couple of lakes I frequent in the spring.  Never having been to them in the heat of the summer I thought that I would go and give them a try.  My family headed up a couple of days earlier than me and camp was set up when I arrived I could get used to this!

This was the backdrop to our campsite we enjoyed the spot with deer and many a curious chipmunk who wanted to come and see what we where up to.

This first morning I went early inviting no one.  This spot is one of those out of the way places it is know but I am not going to be the one to introduce anyone to it.  I went solo and found only one other solo tuber on the lake that day.  The fish were actively rising but I had zero success throwing dries or indicator fishing.  Even the jig produced nothing for me when it usually works wonders in the spring and fall.  My lone two fish came on a grey scud fished on sinking line.  Talking to the other tuber on the lake he only ended up with one fish and was as confused as I was! 

   I just love it when I see a sign like this at a lake!  Wish we had more managed this way!
 Loaded for bear... Later in the trip one of my rods bites the dust so down to two now!

 The ovris1 scadden cruiser I use on all my drive to adventures!  Also called "the office"
 Nice colors but not much size ....
 Better size but not what we come here after..

The following morning I took one of my relatives out to be what is one of my go to rainbow spots in the spring time.  We get there only to find it choked with overgrown weeds and very little fishable water!  Didn't get skunked though but not what I expect from this lake what a different place in the springtime. 

 This guy grabbed on and won't let go.  I can see between the minnows, these crayfish, and all the bugs how the bows are so fat in this lake. 

Very disappointing this was the only fish of the morning not a good representation of what this lake can produce although good to see the younger age class fish in there for the future. We decided to head back to camp and join the families for afternoon fun.  I promised him another destination on Sunday.  We headed up to currant creek reservior.  About a month ago at the other reunion I fished it and it was hot hot hot!  I got over 30 fish in a 1/2 day and one over 20".  Today started out like that Hit 3 fish in the first 45 minutes all 15-17 inch tigers and was thinking it was game on!  Other than one small rainbow that was it like someone shut out the lights on the fishing.  So for 3 1/2 day trips to productive spots I managed only 7 fish.  I understand now why I don't go to these spots other than the spring and the fall.  HUGE WEED GROWTH! 
Next week I hope to have a quality report with some alpine splendor and brook tout to share! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend Fun

This tiger went 20"

Doesn't it look like he is smiling at me?

The author and his surprise brown trout
I had the opportunity to meet up with fellow blogger Emily and get out for some high country tiger trout fishing.  We visited one familiar lake in emery county and had our eyes on a couple other.  Had a good time at the lakes and pulled a couple fish to the tube including a surprise brown trout.  This lake was not known for browns so this was purely a surprise.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Begining...

Recently I was asked with all your adventures you go on why do you not blog?  Honestly never gave it some consideration until this weekend it would be a good record to keep those fishing trip memories alive.  I love to read about others peoples trips of adventure, fish, and the outdoors maybe there are others as crazy as I am.  So here we go I hope you enjoy the journey!