Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiger Hunt...

After the last two trips to the Boulder Mountains being mainly for exploration it was time to go to some familiar spots I have not had a chance to get to this year.  Luckily Tom & Jimmy wanted to come down with me to help me not get lost.  The plan was to stay closer to Torrey this time and fish a couple of lakes know to hold Tiger Trout.  Brookies and Tigers are my favorite species because of their color and their fight that they put on.  We headed up to the first lake and found some fall colors.  

We also found some willing tiger trout and a few cuts that wanted to come to play.  I snapped off several fish off on scuds even using 4x tippet.  I lay awake at night wondering what could have been.  The water was so clear that we could even see the fish attack the jigs and flies.  We saw a monster fish I named "walter" that was well over 25" and I will be going after him next year.  You know what they say big fish don't get big for being stupid.

I also caught one of the strangest tigers I have caught to date here.  It had a huge hump on the fish just like a salmon we had to get a shot of it.

We rode down the mountain to a much awaited bed at a hotel.  We had left at 2:30 the previous morning and some of us had only a few hours sleep so the sun and kicking around really tired us out.  We woke the next morning and headed up to another lake for some more tigers.  Once again greeted with fall colors a great time of year to be in the high country.

We also found some splake and tigers willing to play.  I included a shot of the wheelers and my redneck engineering transporting a tube to a nearby lake.  Tried for some brookies there but only managed 5 smaller cuts.  All in all an great weekend with over 70 fish and 6 over 20" .  If plans work out I hope to go on Tiger Hunt 2 up there in two weeks.


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