Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time for fariview...

There are certain spots that I go with the family each year.  Fairview canyon has a special place in my heart because I used to go up here with my father when he was alive.  Most of the fish are not of trophy caliber that I would normally spend time chasing but there is such good camping, great four wheeling trails, and an abundance of water to fish that I find my way back every year.  We have a traditional spot to stop at on the way up the canyon a little slice of heaven that I call Little Acorn they make all of their sandwiches and burgers on homemade bread and have awesome shakes.  We had to stop and have dinner on the way up the canyon:

We made it up to the camp spot in a downpour.  We attempted to set up in one site only to find out the spot we had selected was totally not level and we got drenched trying to set up in 2 different spots in the pouring rain we finally did what we should do in the first place and took the wheeler out scouting for a spot.  We found an awesome one with a view of the lake that was open and quickly pulled in and set up to see a double rainbow. 

The plan was to fish in the morning come back let the girls go for a ride while me and my son took an afternoon nap.  Then go out on a family ride later in the evening.  My fist destination was to check on the fish at electric lake I check on them once a year.  This year it looks like the tigers have grown a few inches but the cuts where the standard size 13-18 inches.  I never understand why this lake doesn't produce monster fish because of all the minnows in this lake.  That will forever be a mystery to me:

It was time to try out the lake right below where we were camped.  It was Cleveland Reservoir I had seen a 5lb cut come out of here this winter through the ice but mainly supposed to be planter rainbows.  We set up shop on a rocky shore line and did some dough from the shore.  I saw how the fish can get big in here because of the various size minnows I saw swimming close to shore but it was not kind to us.  My son caught a crawdad on his pole and that was it for the action it gave us the skunk job!

The final day my daughter wanted to go tubing with me WOO HOO!  I wanted to bypass my plans to chase some other waters and take her to a place she would have a good chance at fish.  Remembering what I read on the fishing reports Millers Flat Reservoir was supposed to have good action for stocked rainbows.  We got set up and away she kicked to the middle of the lake.  Finally I hear I got one DADDY I row out to help her because she is still afraid to take the fish off the hooks.  She got it by herself on a jakes spin a lure those rainbows sure love them.  I was doing well on plastics and I wanted to give her a chance so I lent her my rod.  She cast out and slow kicked with an occasional jig then it was fish on! I think she likes just kicking out on the water and the snacks as much as the fishing but a proud pappa was glad she agreed to spend some time doing what I love. 

We have one more extended family trip planned before the season ends it has been fun getting the family out in the new trailer. 

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